“Well, I don’t know who you called weird. For me, weird is just something outstanding and everyone has a part of it”

And not only me, but the whole world is also full of weirdos. And to be very frank, it’s really weird to not be weird. Just think that what a wonderful combination we will get if we put our weirdness and hobbies together. It will be just mind-blowing. Let’s have a brief look at them. Here are some weirdest hobbies of people you have not even heard about.

1.News Bombing

Everyone likes to be on television. But what if someone makes its ambition of life to be on television, without even any special talent. And they are so much passion for their ambition that they make history. Paul Yarrow of London sets a great example. Many years back to back, this gentleman has been seen behind many famous reporting faces. Check it out. 

Paul managed to know about the whereabouts of reporting locations and just reached there to give out his handsome lookout. He has been captured behind many famous new reporters including BBC, Sky News, Al Jazeera, etc. Well, his habit is weird but interesting. 

2.Collecting Navel Fluff

Well, that is a very very weird one. There exist some people who do dirty. This is the most bizarre hobby in the world. Graham Barker of Australia has been collecting his navel fluff from years (since 1984) and has been succeeded to collect 2.5 grams. 

This strange gentleman has to collect them with years labeled. Is he that organized? Well, I don’t think so. 

3.Bending cutlery with Mind Power

Well is it very strange? We all know our mind is very powerful. But it is very extraordinary to do such a thing. Many people are indulging in that strange and weird hobby to amaze others by their tricks. Who knows that is real or fake? But they are very successful in making people awestruck. 

4.Soap Carving

Life is very busy. No one has time to stop, think, and waste time in useless things. But there exist such legends who spend hours in carving soaps and making the masterpieces of there arts. Well, this is a fact that who will not want his beautiful handicrafts on some fragrant friend. 

5.Toy Voyaging

The world is full of adventures and some people take it very seriously. Man has a very curious and adventures in nature. Voyaging is not weird. Some people love toys. And just imagine, they arrange all their voyage and efforts for their toys. They want to give them a world tour. I mean.. seriously man? 

6.Passionately ironing

We all like our clothing in the best conditions. But the passion for ironing clothes is something very weird and funny. People love to iron clothes. That was a joke it is one of the most boring works of the world. So, some intelligent people combine this boredom with something interesting and fun. For example, their favorite sport. They make it very loving by mixing their love and hate together. They are just crazy about their idea.

Some people also do it to overcome their extreme fear as given bellow. 

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Top 6 Most Weird Hobbies around the world.

by Raakesh Vanaraj time to read: 2 min