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In today’s materialistic world money is the ultimate power source. To earn money we spend the maximum amount of our life either going for a job or doing business. How bore it is to just follow the daily lazy and boring routine. Just get up, pack up and work like a robot. Even do not get time for leisure activities and fun.

How cool to have a crazy job with fun. Just think about it. What a life it would be to have a job and fun both at the same time. Are there jobs like that? Yeah, there are few jobs that are both crazy and fun at the same time. Trust me, you will definitely, do some efforts to grab one of them. We should actually solute the legends who offer that kind of jobs.

Here are listed some of those crazy jobs you have not even think about.

Be a Boss



Who does not want to be a boss? We all think about it from our kindergarten days. But unfortunately, everyone does not have the opportunity. Well, there is an amazing job for those.  You have to be a fake executive, attend parties, pose for pictures or deliver speeches. Salaries vary but you can make a bunch (estimate of $1,000 a week).

Some countries like China or Korea offer a good amount for the job. What you need is an impressive personality and etiquette to represent others. Well, this one is cool. What do you think???

Sleep Soundly and Professionally


It’s very weird to doze off while sitting in a meeting or in class or anywhere else except your bed. There is a job only for sleep lovers. What a perfect job to get paid by just sleeping. All you have to do is to sleep, sleep and sleep and let the scientists and psychologists have observations for sleep disorders or other effects of sleeping.

Pushing Pushing


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What the name suggests?? Definitely crazy.  But yes, pushing is a job. What is interesting in pushing? Nothing. But what about getting paid by pushing humans? Crazy, yeah. That’s what we will call it. Japan hire employees to push people in trains so that everyone reaches the destination on time. As there is a crowd of people to go, so, they make their life bit easier by pushing.

Comfort Tester



Well, this one is my favorite. All you have to do is to test the comfort of the furniture or mattress etc. you are even allowed to sleep. Just test, and give a perfect review. Well, salary is not fixed, but who cares about salary as compared to comfort. No one will say no to a comfortable job like this.

Water slide Testing


Water slides are something so cool that no one will say no to have at least one ride. It will be a treat to have free slides and a bonus to get rewards for each ride. The job is to test the quality of ride, chute of water, etc. Reviews are recorded to make the quality better.

Fill a Seat- Sit with Celebrity


Seat filler is really a job. In big events like award ceremonies, sponsors take every measure to make an event successful. Empty seats make a bad impression. So, they hire seat fillers to attend the ceremony and make to look more appealing to the eye. Seat filler is a person who fills the empty seat. Seat filler may be sat with a superstar, by luck. It’s really cool. Payouts are not decided, but you will get a good meal.

I hope everyone will miss these leisure jobs.

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Top 6 Most Crazy Jobs In World.That Will Blow Your Mind.

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