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Edward Warren Miney and Lorraine Rita Warren were paranormal investigators from America who had investigated countless paranormal cases over the years. Lorraine Warren along with her husband, Ed, gained fame through investigating haunted houses and demonic possessions.

Both Husband and wife as a team have investigated some of the most notorious haunting in the 20th century. They have also authored several books about their private investigations on paranormal activity.

Ed was a self taught Demonology investigator and Lorraine was a light trance medium who has extrasensory perception. Here we’re going to see some case files of Ed and Lorraine which shook the world.

1.The Possessed Doll – Annabelle

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Most of us have heard the story about a doll which is possessed by a demonic spirit. But that is not actually a folk tale. Instead, it is a most sensational case of Ed and Lorraine. In 1970, a student nurse was given a doll by her mother. Initially, the girl had a good time with the doll but things got weird when the doll itself moves without human intervention. Later it became worse and the doll behaved strangely. When the girl’s family contacted a psychic medium, they have been informed that the doll is possessed by some demonic spirit. Ed and Lorraine has investigated this case and confirmed that the doll is possessed by the spirit of a dead girl named “Annabelle Higgins” and locked it in their occult museum with ritualistic prayers.

2.Conjuring – The Perron Family

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The Conjuring movie was inspired by the real story of Perron’s family. In 1971, Roger and Carolyn Perron had moved to an old Rhode Island farm house with their five daughters. There was no signs of nefarious presence until objects went missing and move on their own. One night, Carolyn Perron was awakened and noticed a very tall woman moving in an old grey dress with her head hanging on the side, resembling a sack of cobwebs. When Ed and Lorraine has investigated this case, they’ve uncovered eight generations of one family lived there where Most of them died mysteriously. Later they’ve found that the home of the Perron family is
haunted by a witch Bathsheba who lived there in 19 th century. She cursed the land and so that whoever lived there have died in a mysterious way. After Ed and Lorraine’s intervention, Perron’s family lived there for seven more years.

3.Amityville Case

This was the most famous case of Ed and Lorraine’s paranormal investigations. The chilling story began in 1974 when a 23 year old boy Ronald DeFeo Jr., murdered his parents and four siblings in their house at 112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville. A year later, George and Kathy Lutz
with their children bought this house and stayed there for only 28 days since they heard unusual voices and red eyed pig creature among other disturbances. In routine, George’s wife woke up at 3:15 am , the time when Ronald killed his family members. Ed and Lorraine were called to investigate the house where they brought a local TV crew with them. They took few infra red time-lapse photography inside the house. After seeing an image featuring a demonic boy with glowing eyes, Lorraine confirmed that the land has some curses on it. She said that this was the case haunts her the most.

4.Connecticut Devil

In 1986, Allen and Carmen, their three children and two nieces moved into a home in Southington, Connecticut which was a funeral home earlier. Unfortunately, the family had a little knowledge about residence’s strange past. In the basement they found mortuary toys, including a hoisting apparatus for coffins, toe tags and blood stains. The family has started
encountering all kinds of evil attacks, apparitions and violent personality change in their oldest son who was undergoing a treatment for Hodgkin’s disease in a nearby hospital. Ed and Lorraine were called to investigate the house due to their fame in Amityville case. Lorraine team has investigated the house and officially confirmed that the house is possessed by the
ghosts of those who were brought to the funeral home. After two year stay the family has finally moved out of the house in Connecticut and no reports of supernatural occurrences have been reported from any of the subsequent owners.

5.Werewolf of Southend

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It is an unusual case from the list of Ed and Lorraine paranormal investigations. This time the Lorraine team moved to seaside town in Essex, England to investigate a man with an inhuman qualities. Bill Ramsey had been suffering from an odd behavior that many described as “animal
like” which is also accompanied with an unusual smell.

Ramsey was a normal boy during his childhood days. Things get changed at the age of nine when he suddenly began exhibiting animal like qualities. However he hides those conditions and grew up, became a loving husband and a father of three children. In 1980s, he repeatedly feels overcome by the inhuman qualities he had as a child.

Once Bill parents have witnessed him ripping a concrete post out of the ground and smashed it in front of them. Bills behavior gradually worsened and at one point he admitted himself in Southend Hospital. However, his behavior worsened to the core where he exhibits inhuman strength, bared teeth, growling, hunched shoulders and hands curled like claws. After several investigations, Ed and Lorraine has confirmed that the behavior is due to a demonic possession. In 1989, Ramsey was taken to Our lady of the Rosary Chapel, in which a bishop (accompanied by Warren and two armed guards) performed an Exorcism. Since that day, he has never experienced any such behavior again.

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