India is a land of rich Vedic civilization with ancient historical temples. You can even find temples around each and every step of the way, some of the temples are ancient enough to predict the construction year. Construction techniques, designs, and secrets hidden on some temples are still not decoded even with our latest scientific methodology. Hence we declare these 5 temples as mysterious temples in India.


Below are some of the temples which hold some(actually enough) mysterious part.

5.Temple with Hanging pillar


This temple is named as Veerabadhra temple (Andhra Pradesh) which was built in 1530 AD in Anandpuri. There are around 70 great pillars supporting the roof of the temple. However, one pillar among the 70 is hanging from the roof. Still, it isn’t concluded, how a 70 feet pillar is hanging from the roof without touching the floor.

Devotees who visit the temple are usually passing thin cloths under the pillar to confirm the mysterious fact, where they can find a gap between the pillar and the temple’s floor. In 1910, a foreign engineer tried to attach the pillar to the floor. But he has withdrawn the plan since it eventually damages the roof. There is also a footprint of around 3 feet is found in the temple which is said to be the footprint of Hanuman. Some claims that the footprint is belongs to Sita of Ramayana.

4.Chariot Temple

This temple (Konark Sun Temple) was built in 1255 AD in Konark, Orissa. Though this temple holds several mysteries, we’re just providing some interesting facts about this. This temple resembles a great chariot with 24 wheels pulled by 7 horses. These 24 wheels represent 24 hours in a day and the 7 horses represent 7 days in a week. For more than 600 years, people thought that these 24 wheels are designed for decorative purpose.

Only before 100 years, it has been known that one of these wheels is a sundial (the shadow of the wheels will provide you the today’s exact time) and one is a moon dial, while a Yogi was secretly calculating time from that. When they asked for the purpose of other 22 wheels, the Yogi refused to say and left from that place. Imagine, how it would be if the secrets behind the 22 wheels get revealed.

Next, the walls of the temple have several pillars where every two pillars are attached by a small iron sheet and there was a magnet present in the idol of the sun god. The correlation between these iron sheets and the magnet (later it has been removed by the British army) helps the sailors to navigate.

3.Single rock temple

This strange temple (Kailashanathar Temple of Ellora) was built (not actually built, it is carved!!!) in the year of 8 AD by first Krishna king. This temple is carved out of one single rock where four lakh tons of mountain rocks are removed the top to bottom from that single rock. The entire carving took 18 years to get the temple emerged.  But how it is possible to carve and remove these much rocks in 18 years with the technology existed at that time is a question.

Let say, the workers who were indulged in the process would have worked for 12 hrs in a day without taking rest. In those 12 hours, they would’ve removed 60 to 65 tonnes in a day which means 5 tonnes per hour. Do you think it is possible for a normal human being? That is the real mystery. Even the current technology isn’t capable of doing this in 18 years with 100% perfection. Then how it was built using a chisel and a hammer 1900 years ago is beyond the mystery.

2.Secret Vault temple


This is the richest temple (Padnambaswamy Temple of Kerala) in the world. When the temple was built is still a question. There are around Six secret underground chambers are present in this temple which named(for documentation purpose) as A, B, C, D, E, and F respectively.

Among the six vaults, five vaults have been opened. When they opened the vault A in the year of 2011 they found diamond jewelry, golden utensils, weapons, golden idols, golden elephants idols and diamond necklaces having 500 kilograms weight worth of one lakh forty thousand crores which took 12 days to get those items out of the vault. The biggest mystery in this temple is the B vault which remains unopened where years ago the sages of high stature had locked the portals with Naga Paasam mantras (serpent noose) during the reign of King Marthanda Varma.

The scary door of Vault B has serpent imagery and Yakshi to indicate danger to whoever tries to open it. Once the temple authorities tried to open the B chamber to use the treasure they heard the sound of gushing ocean waves from behind the door. They suddenly stepped back and gave up the idea.

1.Temple of Granites

Brahadeswara templeThis temple (Peruvudaiyar Koyil(Brihadishvara Temple) of Tamil Nadu) was built during the 11th century by the King of Kings the great Raja Raja Chozha I in Thanjavur. The Giant Raja Gopuram (Royal tower) which is 216 feet tall was built using one lakh thirty thousand tonnes of granites. But the strange thing is there were no granites available around 70 km radius from the temple.

Next, the topmost part of the royal tower is made up of single rock weighing 80 tonnes. Also, the temple has several numbers of secret passages leading to various destinations where some lead to a dangerous region. The Vimana(structure over the inner sanctum) is built using interlocking technology without any binding material. The wonder is that the Vimana has not tilted a single degree despite facing six earthquakes till date. How the temple was built, from where the workers brought the stone, how many mysteries this temple actually holds are still unexplained even by scientists and architectures. These are just a piece of information about this massive temple. Further information will be shared in the upcoming article.

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Top 5 mysterious temples in India

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