The mystery is a word, we are all fascinated about the mystery from childhood. Man has a curious nature. And nature is curiosity itself. There in the world is too much to discover. Our earth is just full of mysteries. In this article, we look at the top 5 Mysterious Places of All Times.

Mystery and Curiosity are siblings, both are incomplete without each other.

Who will not like a big mysterious adventure apart from a daily busy and boring life? Well, adventure always demands a lot. An adventure will be successful if it satisfies your curiosity. While talking about curiosity, how can we underestimate mystery? Yes, here I am going to tell you about the top 5 mysterious places in the world that you should visit in your life but with caution.

  1. Teotihuacan, México 
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If you are fascinated about the earlier civilizations, then this place is standing spreading arm to invite you to come and discover the magical beauty and dignity of this place. It has a long cultural background of about 1,000 years revealing the charms of pre-Colombian civilization. The city is a legend itself. Although archaeologists discovered a lot it is still counted as a big mystery of history that is not revealing itself completely.

Once you enter the place, you will definitely forget to come back. Since the very discovery of this ancient city, archaeologists continuously found new facts about it. The name of the city was given by Aztecs in about 600 CE. Also known as the Holy City as its name suggest it by mean “The City Where Gods Were Created”. Just have a look.

This ancient city enchants the visitors and brings them centuries ago by holding hands with love. It just fills you up with peace.


  1. Racetrack Playa, California

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Ships sails in the water. That is their nature. But what you will say if you witness a stone, big stone or technically a rock sailing all over the soil, leaving travel marks on the ground?

This valley is having mysterious beauty. Playa is actually a dry lake bed. The reason for these sailing rocks is its soft soil after rain that helps rocks to travel through soil.

This valley is also known as the Death Valley by local people.

  1. Coral Castle, Florida 
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Well if you are in a mood to see everlasting mystery and charm, just get up, pack up, and off to Coral Castle-Homestead-Florida. The most mysterious fact about the place which is still a mystery and maybe remain a mystery forever is how a single man built it? How he manages to lift and settle down stone having tons of weight. Edward Leedskalnin took 25 years but he made a masterpiece of his art. He just said that he knows the mystery of Egyptian Pyramids. But he took his secret with him while he died.

If you did not visit this place, you really miss something very worthy.

  1. Spotted Lake Khiluk, Canada

What the name suggested by the spot. Yeah, this lake has spots. The question is how. It’s a beautiful lake in winter or spring. Always invite tourists to praise its beauty.

But when weather changes, in summer, this lake of Colombian’s Okanagan valley, gives out some magic. Many spots appear on the surface. Due to hot weather and evaporation with a high concentration of minerals, little colorful pools appear on the surface. The scenery gives out an awesome view.

  1. Lake Natron- The Petrifying Lake, Tanzania
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Lake Natron is known as a petrifying lake. What did you just understand by petrifying??? Petrifying is to just turn a living being into stone. Yeah, this lake turns birds or animals into stones.

Well, that is very strange. Some people relate the activity with something paranormal or supernatural but science has suggested something else. Due to high temperature (140F) and high PH level (10), it has the ability to burn out. High consistency of sodium bicarbonate, mummified the dead animals or birds.


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Top 5 Mysterious Places of All Times

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