Necessity is the mother of all inventions. We are enjoying the most inventive time. Our forefathers, billions of centuries ago, will absolutely found themselves lost in inventions and facilities of modern age if they will be here (hopefully with the success in inventing the time machine). Science is a wonder, and it persuades us to praise it with every going second. Well if you do not believe, you will believe after reading this short piece of writing. Here is listed some of the coolest inventions of 2019 you will amaze to know.

Padrone Ring

Well this is something really very amazing. If you are tired of using old PC mouse or you are invention crazy, then this is something only for you. Its just mind-blowing to discover that now, you can convert your fingers to the mouse. It is not only cool but also waterproof.

CleanseBot — World’s First Bacteria Killing Robot

This outstanding invention is crowned to have the honor to be the first smallest bacteria killing robot. If you are a traveler, or seriously elegized with germs, so you do not have to worry now. You can put this mini friend of yours in your pocket and clean your place or dear accessories anywhere, anytime.


Are you fascinated with flying cars and bikes? Well, your dream comes true. Here is one of the coolest inventions of 2019. Now, you can glide the air. Hoversurf’s S3 will entertain you at the speed of 60 MPH at the recommended Height of 5 feet (1.52 m). Dubai police have already taken it as a useful tool against criminals.

Geopress Purifiers

Water is one of the basic need of life. What if this need got contaminated? Definitely, it will ruin your health. And you do not bring your filter or purifier everywhere. Well, Geopress is here to help out.

Solar Roadways

Solar roadwaysare not only useful in saving the environment, but also amazing in melting road snow during winters. Highlighted by markings on them, these hard thick layered solar panels are something hot, yet very cool.


You are out for somewhere. You are in hurry. You have to focus on drive, map, music, a destination all at the same time. What you will do? That situation will definitely enhance the chances of an accident. EyeLights makes your life easy. EyeLights technicians just replace the regular screen with a holograph that shows map, speed or other stats on the screen so you do not have to bother.

Thor ET-One

Well this is the most interesting vehicle invention. It is the most elegant a powerful electric semitruck. It has the ability to carry 36000 kgs to 300 miles. This invention leaves the old trucks far behind. Its design impresses its users.

Habit Aware

Everyone wants to get rid of bad habits or undesirable ones. But is that as easy as we think of it? Absolutely not. We always found it very difficult to kick out our bad habits. Habit Aware (Keen) is your best friend for the purpose. This smart band will give you a quick alert by vibrating whenever it founds you doing your undesirable habit. The Mirror This is one of my favorite cool inventions regarding your health and fitness. This is a digital mirror. Sets your workout goals. It can also provide you fitness coach if demanded. It is just have been made to achieve your fitness goals.

Well, it is just like having a friend while workout. 

Dolfi-Best Washing Device of Future.

Last but not least. Dolfi is something you cannot ignore. Many people suffer to face the problem of spoiling their dear clothes. Or spend hours and too much effort cleaning stains. But the result will not be always satisfied. Dolfi made it easy. It uses ultrasonic rays to clean. Done a great job in almost no time. It is the masterpiece of its creation. It just puts down all the old detergent methods. Just say hello to amazing future.

Those were just a few inventions that leave us in wonder. With the time elapses, more amazing and outstanding things are coming towards us. We just have to hold our hearts and enjoy them. Happy future.


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  1. Srinivasan Ravindran

    Good information to know about. I like the way the information is projected (Images with short description). It’s not like usual articles which are lengthy and boring. Keep writing more things and make us entertained…

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Top 10 Coolest Inventions of 2019 You Should Know

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