Time Travel – Is it possible?

Everyone has thought about Time Travel at-least once in their lifetime, to change the occurrence from our past, to refill or re-live the moment they lived. Just think how it would be, if we have a fast forward button or rewind button in our life, it will be nice right? Though it is against our nature (as per human’s dimension) deep inside my heart I want this Time Travel to happen. Many scientists are working hard to make the Time Travel machine possible in this world, but still, now it is of no success.


What are the concepts about time travel?

Can this Time Travel possible to happen by human?. Yes, it is possible. Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking both agree that we can do Time Travel when humans travel more than the speed of the light. It is easy to explain in a theoretical way but it is hard to implement. In this blog post, we are not going to prove the Time Travel fiction, we are about to explain the possibilities and practical happenings of Time Travel in ancient India.

Ancient Temple of Time Travel Found in India?

When we’ve researched for our previous article ‘Top 5 mysterious temples in India‘ we came across a Hindu temple named Panchavarnaswamy Temple located in Tiruchirapalli, India, where we can see a lot of carvings are related to Time Travel. This Temple was built by one of the Chola Empire Kings. If Albert Einstein’s ‘Theory of Relativity’ was the first proposal of Time Travel in 1905, how come carvings on the temple built around 2000 years ago represent distant past and future?

The ancient theory of future transformation.

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We can see a carving of a woman with wings on her back and speak with a child. It is been heard that scientists are genetically modifying our human DNA to produce strong and powerful character. One of its kind is human with wings. When we see this carving, how come the architect carved this sculpture, whether by prediction or went to the future and recorded the instance?

Ancient proof of time-travel distant Past.

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Next, we found a carving displaying the distant past. The animal in this carving seems to be Thylacosmilus, which has long upper canine teeth and tail. The important fact is, this species became extinct 2.5 million years ago and the temple was built just 2000 years ago. Again from this detailed carving of this animal, can we say that the architect has traveled to the past and recorded the animal as a sculpture?

Time travel in Bhagavatha Purana.

We can also witness another Time Travel incident in Sanskrit literature named ‘Bhagavatha Purana’. And this literature was written around 1800 BC. The story is about King Kakudmi and his beautiful daughter Revati who is endowed with all auspicious qualities. When Revati attained marriageable age, her father Kakudmi felt no one in this earth is a perfect match for her daughter. Kakudmi and her daughter Revati decides to meet Lord Brahma, creator of mankind who resides in different loka (planet). When they arrived, Lord Brahma was listening to a musical performance by Gandharvas, so King Kakudmi and her daughter waited patiently until the performance was over. Then Kakudmi humbly informed about his presence and he requested to shortlist a perfect match for his daughter Revati.

Explanation about Time Dilation in ‘Bhagavatha Purana’:

Lord Brahma laughed and explains that time runs differently on different planets. During the short wait time in Brahma loka, the time on earth has passed 27 ChaturYugas (1 ChaturYugas = 4.32 million years). The list of bridegrooms and your descendants have even forgotten your name and existence. King Kakudmi and Revati understand the Time Dilation and when they returned to earth, humans were changed. Their culture and civilization became poor when compared to their ages. In this story, we clearly see that King Kakudmi and Revati used Time Traveling technique to meet Lord Brahma. How can this be possible to an ancient Indian King to perform Time Travel when we are struggling to implement this technique with modern advanced science?


Ancient Indian peoples are not only rich in culture and tradition; they also have abundant knowledge in science, cosmology, and mythology. The concept of Time Travelling was explained in Indian manuscripts and sculptures several millenniums before Einstein and Hawking explain their theories. To my knowledge, if we decode all the ancient Tamil and Sanskrit manuscripts, we can easily get answers to all our modern day scientific challenges.

We can raise a lot of questions against these Time travel mechanism, but one thing is clear that we (humans) are in different dimension and Time travel is in a different dimension. Once humans started to focus on the other dimension, Time travel technique can be revealed.

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  1. This is so good, I read lot of time travel related stories and articles but this one something special. You related our ancient story with the time travel concept with that diagrammatical explanation that was so great. I never heared that story before. Looking for lot of article from you bro.

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    very well explained…hope we find the secret behind time travelling…keep writing articles on time travelling…thanks

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Facts About Time Travel That Will Make You Think Twice. All You Need To Know.

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