Hello Readers, now I’ll show you the most important Triple H quality which everyone should follow and make it as their daily routine. In our current busy work culture and materialistic world, we’re focusing only on money and forgot to focus on ourselves which leads to a lot of mental and physical illness. Once you start practicing this Triple H quality, I can assure you that your life becomes beautiful and you’ll be able to enjoy every minute of your successful life.



1.Sleeping/Wake up positions

When you go to bed, lean your body to the left side on the bed and sleep in that position. When you wake up turn to your right side and push up your body from that position. This will avoid unnecessary acid reflux and gives a good quality of sleep.




Good airflow in the bedroom will make you feel fresh while you wake up. In and out for air flow should be there in your bedroom. Also, there shouldn’t be any light when you sleep. Melatonin hormone will get produced only when there are no lights ON while you sleep.



Instead of having 3 meals a day, better split that to 5 times a day. This will increase your metabolism rate and makes you feel lite and energetic always.



Always drink lukewarm water, even if you are thirsty. This warm water will dissolve the unnecessary fat in your body and helps you in proper digestion. Make sure to drink water by sipping and tasting it. Also, avoid drinking water while eating.



5. Wake up at 4:30 AM:


Most of the successful peoples in this world wake up early in the morning when the earth is in deep sleep. The Time between 4:30 – 6:00 AM is when the Cosmic energy flows into our earth’s atmosphere.


6. It is time to pray:


Once you wake up, have a good bath and start praying to God, the creator of the universe. When we pray during this time, our human connection with universe get intense and we can easily attain what we’ve asked.


7.Watch your hand:


When you wake up from the bed, the first thing you see while opening your eyes should be your palm. Without opening your eyes, sit straight, rub both your hands and then see your palm. The power gained while you are sleeping will emit through your eyes and pass into your palms. This will make the energy flow back again to your body and makes you strong.


Eating – You should always focus on When to eat? What to eat? and How to eat?


When to eat? – We normally eat during our break timings, but are we hungry at that time? Just because it is our time to have food, we shouldn’t simply have it. Only when we feel hungry and need for food, we need to eat and no matter what time it is.


What to eat? – At that time of hungry, you should listen to your tongue and it will make you realize the taste of food your body wants. Example, if it rains you would like to eat hot and spicy food so that your body will remain warm and if it is hot then your body will look for something cool to maintain the temperature of the body. So always listen to your tongue and eat,


“Your tongue is your doctor, the taste is the medicine”- Healer Baskar


How to eat? – This is the most important habit that everyone must follow. Even if you eat the most appetizing food, if you eat it in the wrong way it will not give you any health benefits to your body. The right way to eat food is to close the mouth when you chew the food and no air should enter when you chew the food. Saliva produced while chewing plays a very important role in digestion which in terms helps nutritional benefits of the food to get saved in the body.

If we chew food with our mouth open, the saliva produced will get diluted or dehydrated. If there is no saliva in the food that goes into our pancreas, it will decide that the food is bad and treated as waste. Only food with saliva is considered good food by the pancreas and gives nutritional benefits. So, eat sensibly.



8. Positive start:


Always start your day with a small prayer to almighty/god saying,” Thanks for this day and I am waiting for the surprises and fun”. This will definitely gain your confidence and I’m sure the day is yours.


9. Silence:


Our brain always runs in frequencies which can be divided into 4 waves as Beta(14 – 30Hz), Alpha(8 – 14 Hz), Theta(4-8Hz) and Delta(0.5 to 4Hz). When we practice by being silent we can reduce the brain frequency which will show you the essence of real power and happiness. More the lower frequency more the success rate of being happy.


10. Forgive:


It is hard to follow but when we practice this behavior we will lead a much happier life than before. Forgiving others will simply delete the bad memories and it will not create or continue the negative vibration.

When we follow the above behaviors I’m confident that, it will change your lifestyle in a new dimension. You will feel the difference and positive vibes around you.

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10 Routines which makes your life Revive – Triple H (Health, Habit & Happiness).

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