Thinking about a favorite movie, being a star, lost in the cinema world and discover many new and wonderful as well as weird things, is always a fascinating idea. Diseases are not as friendly as we are talking about. But yes, there exist some diseases that are maybe not fascinating, they are silly enough to fulfill the criteria of being weird is something strange.

Get ready to dive in wonder world because you will not deny anything after reading some of the Bizarre diseases given below.

1.Congenital Insensitivity to Pain (CIP):



CIP is also known as Congenital Analgesia. The condition is known for lack of physical sensations. The sufferer does not feel pain in their whole life. The person can differentiate between hot and cold or dull and sharp but, they are unable to feel pain. The death risk is really high for these sufferers, even with serious injuries, that may lead to disastrous results.

This is a very rare disease. Individuals with CIP have lots of injuries even without knowing about them. These people have to check out their body on a daily basis to be aware that everything is fine.

2. Hyperthymesia (Autobiographic Diary)


Hyperthymesia picture

The Greek word ‘Hyper’ means ‘Excessive and Thymesis’ is for remembering. Hyperthymesia means something extraordinary or something very cool. Yeah, people with this rare problem have extraordinarily outstanding self-memory or autobiographical memory. They can even recall any incident with all minor details including year, month, day, time, etc.. Even when the incident occurred in childhood. They can recall every single seconds and minute of their life. This one is cool until you are a student when comes to real life this disease is the most troublesome.

3. Mirror-Touch Synesthesia


Mirror-Touch Synesthesia

Feeling sorry for other’s pains and sorrows is an impact of humanity. Its also called Sympathy. And feeling for others pain as yourself is Empathy. But, feeling the same sensation as others are feeling is something really weird. That deficiency named Mirror-Touch Synesthesia. The person exactly feels the same pain by just seeing the action. Actually, their body mechanism sends a message to the brain to activate the sensation of pain by just seeing the course of action.

Their body actually gives reactions to what they see. They can feel touch or pain exactly the same way they see. These people are strictly recommended to avoid watching violence or any other pain giving events.

4. Aquagenic Urticaria


Aquagenic Urticaria

This one is the rarest and weird one. We all know that water is a basic need of life. Did you ever think about water allergy? Definitely not. This is something enough for goosebumps. Individual experience sudden rash or hives after contacting with water regardless of temperature. Most commonly affects women and symptoms often start around the onset of puberty.

5. Stendhal Syndrome:


Stendhal Syndrome

Have you ever heard about Art Attack??? Yeah, not a heart attack, an Art Attack. That is exactly what we call it. The individual experience intense and sudden symptoms of both physical and emotional anxiety including rapid heart-beat, panic attacks or fainting. The reason is simply the art pieces of value all lined up under one roof. This is also known as Hyperkulturemia and Florence Syndrome. This is really very weird. Art can be dangerous??? How creepy is that?

6. Boanthropy (Cow Cow)


Boanthropy (Cow Cow)

It is the most strange, weird and bizarre psychological disorder. The individual perceives himself as a cow and eats grass. These people experience many other problems such as depression, anxiety, panics, hallucinations, and paranoia. Well, the case is of the King of the Babylonian empire, Nebuchadnezzar. He suffered for seven long years.

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Top 6 Most Bizarre Diseases in the world

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