We usually discuss mysteries, lifestyle and historical facts. This genre is something new to our readers since I’m going to list some famous loyal friends for mankind. Though we’ve several dog breeds originated from India, I’m going to list some important dog breeds of India which are still a passion for some dog lovers to own it.

6.Mudhol/Caravan Hound

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This is the first Indian dog breed to serve in Indian Army.  It is a common pet amongst the villagers of Karnataka which is used for hunting and guarding purpose. These dogs are not only elegant, graceful and courageous but they also have the great physical strength and double the amount of stamina when compared to foreign breeds. Mudhol hounds are superior to all other working hound breeds and can give remarkable service continuously in extreme conditions where other dogs would fall short. This could be the reason they grabbed the chance to work with our Indian soldiers. They have exceptional eyesight which can even detect object beyond miles. These breeds also played an important role in Maratha troops. Once the grandson of Shivaji attacked by a tiger during his expedition, his fearless and loyal Mudhol attacked the beast and killed it.

5.Rampur Hound

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This breed is originated from Rampur, a city from northwest India. Like Mudhol hound, this breed is also categorized under sighthound which uses their eyesight to hunt instead of sniffing. The strange fact is, Rampur hound is favorite to Maharajas who uses them to hunt lions, tigers, leopards, and panthers. These dogs are mighty and fast runners which cover a long distance at high speed. Due to modern age law restrictions in India, hunting is banned and restricted only to villagers or farmers who do it more for food rather than for any wanton pleasure. This made a dip in the popularity of Rampur Hound as well.  Though it tends to be a one-person dog and obeys only one master, it is fiercely protective of its family. But anyhow, it is still a passion for dog lovers to own it once in their lifetime.


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It is an extremely beautiful and graceful dog originated from Rajapalayam, a village in Tamil Nadu. They actually sighthound in nature but it has been proved that by proper training they can also be to good scent hound. These breeds were used during Carnatic wars and polygar war to attack British cavalry since these breeds were very fast, strong and aggressive in attacking opponents. Later, it was predominantly used for hunting wild boars. This dog is “Touch-sensitive” which means it doesn’t like to be touched by strangers or people it doesn’t like. Though it is a good family pet, it is very much attached to its one and only master. Initially, these dog breeds were used to be the companions for royal peoples. It has been said that, a long time ago, four Rajapalayam dogs saved the life of his master who is a king by fighting against a Lion.  Still, it can be assured that no trespassers can enter a house when this breed is there to guard. Though the foreign dog breeds have occupied most houses in Tamil Nadu, this breed has its own place in Tamil people’s heart and it is still considered as a symbol of brave.


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This is also a breed originated from Tamil Nadu. It is thought to be a descendant of Saluki dog which is known for its intelligent and aloof. Initially, this dog is bred by royal families in Virudhunagar district, Tamil Nadu. It was kept as the symbol of royalty and dignity by the rulers of Tirunelveli and Madurai district. Due to its independent nature, it doesn’t like to be fed or handled by anyone other than its master. This breed is well known for its gentle temperament, high speed, and hunting instincts.  Because of this nature, they needed to be chained all the time. Some breeders saying that this is the reason its line stayed pure for more than centuries.


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The name Kanni means “Pure” in Tamil and it is the name bestowed upon this breed for its loyalty and purity of heart. This also a different version of Chippiparai breed but its color is a mix up of black and tan. It is also known as the maiden’s beastmaster. Traditionally these dogs were given as a gift to brides which resembles that the master is giving his precious asset to his daughter while getting married and to protect her.  Though the dogs are basically bred for hunting, they are extremely faithful, good companion and friendly to its owner. These dogs are usually shy in nature but it will always defend its home when there is a need. When it comes to hunting, they act independent and catch the prey with excellent calculation. Their loyalty is very strong. If they’re raised by an individual they’ll be very protective. If they’re raised by a family they will be loyal to all the family members.


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This is the most aggressive and energetic dog originated from the village of Tamil Nadu. When you look at this dog, it doesn’t look like a hunter and it doesn’t have slim physic like other dogs. But the fact is, these are the one who competes with Rottweilers and Pitbulls. Kombai pets don’t like the company of unknown dogs and are very aggressive towards them but at the same time, they’re extremely loyal and protective to their owners. They have been known to fight with intruders to death whether it could be a human or animal.  A well-muscled Kombai is strong enough to kill a bear. Their existence can be traced back to the 15th century and some are claiming that these breeds exist even before the 9th century. These breeds are used in the army of Marudhu brothers who headed the revolt against British. They’re not just celebrated as strong hunters but good loyal family pet too. The sad thing is the importance of this breed is diminished and it is listed under endangered.


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Great 6 dog breeds of India

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