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India is the land of spirituality and authentic tradition. Its deep-rooted culture passed on through several generations but unfortunately created several orbits of miscarried information. Despite having witnessed or belonged to this society with countless traditions, we lack the understanding of the logical reason behind several rituals and customs of my ancestor’s practices. Thus resulting in failing to understand the cosmic science.

Cosmic science

Even some are branded them as superstitious practices because of their ignorance and some due to modern westernization. My ancestor’s particularly ancient Tamil people are great scholars and researchers in all the aspects throughout (even beyond) life; they have encoded all the best practices in a hidden or coded way to follow it because they may think that their descendants are not capable to understand the real observation of this cosmic occurrence. Anyway, I’ve tried to decode the real truth behind my ancestor’s practices to my level best.


1.Welcoming by joining both hands (Vanakkam)

Vanakkam Symbol

It is the Tamil culture to greet the guest by welcoming with respect. It is also a form of Yoga called Anjali Mudra. We all know that tips of the fingers are the energy-releasing points, when we join your palms together, our fingers and nerve circuits of the brain are linked together which brings a feeling of calmness, also the greeting person image will register in the guest’s brain easily. Also in yoga each finger represents certain energy where the little finger represents Tamas or dullness, the ring finger represents Rajas or activity, the middle finger represents Sattva or refinement, the index finger is the individual soul or jivatma and the thumb is the Paramatma or the ultimate soul, these are the reasons behind the Vanakkam gesture .

2.Why do we sit on the floor with legs crossed while eating? (Sammanam)

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Tamil people having the tradition to eat the meals seated cross-legged on the floor, this position in Yoga is called Sukhasana.  This posture will relax the body and initiate the digestive process. Also, the constant movement of bending forward and straightening up while having the food will release the digestion acid which enhances speedy digestion. It also makes sure that the maximum amount of blood flow will maintain in the upper body while we cross-legged so that all the major organs get a good amount of blood supply and gets stronger. While sitting and getting up, leg joints were made more flexible which in terms of removing ailments like arthritis. So there are several benefits to have your food in the traditional way seated in Sukhasana position.

3.Why do we worship the Tulsi plant?

Worship Tulsi
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My ancestors grow Tulsi as the religious plant and worship it.  Tulsi is also known for its medicinal properties. It is a remarkable antibiotic which helps to cure several ailments including the common cold, asthma, lung disorders, fever, and stress. Taking a Tulsi every day helps to maintain the physiological balance in the body and increases immunity. Keeping a Tulsi plant at home keeps insects and mosquitoes away, it is said that even snakes are kept at bay. Also, it cleanses the air and gives fresh oxygen to the peoples surrounding it.  A Hindu house is considered incomplete without the Tulsi plant in the courtyard. More importantly, Tulsi is believed to increases our lifespan and promote lifelong happiness.

4.Importance of Peepal tree.

Peepal Tree
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Peepal tree neither has tasty food nor strong wood yet this tree was considered so important in Tamil people life. The Peepal tree was capable of generating oxygen 24 hours a day. Since my ancestors knew the sacred benefits of Peepal tree and the importance to maintain the ecological balance they have associated this tree with the spiritual and divine activities. Also, they ensured that this tree shouldn’t be cut or damaged. Fortunately, this Peepal tree is having a very long lifespan, with an average life ranging between 900–1,500 years.

5.Fasting during new moon:

New Moon
New Moon

Fasting is one of the important tenets of Ayurveda. There are toxic contents retained in our body because of our bad food habit. By fasting, we can help our internal organs to cleanse the system and regulate the body functioning. Complete fasting is good for health with occasional sips of lime juice. Our body contains 80 percent liquid and 20 percent solid just like the Earth. The gravitational force of the moon sometimes creates disturbances in our body and fasting during new moon day helps to cut down the intake of acids thus regulating stress and hysteria.

Modern research shows that fasting helps to correct several ailments including cancer and diabetes.  People have the wrong conception that by fasting we become weak, but the fact is by fasting our body maintains psychological and physiological balance. A day of fasting once in a month promotes heart health, suppresses cancer, manages diabetes, improves memory and cleanses the soul. But the current rituals under estimated the cosmic science power.

6.Why do we touch the feet of elders for blessings?

Touch Feet
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Touching the feet of elders and great scholars is an old Tamil tradition that is considered to be a mark of respect. This gesture indicates respecting their age, experience, achievements, and wisdom of the person whose feet are being touched. The elder person then, in turn, blesses the person who is touching their feet. This act of touching the feet has an intense scientific reason. The nerves in the human body, starting from our brain, spread all over our body and end at our fingertips and toes.

While touching their toes, when the fingertips of our hand are joined to the feet of the person, a connection has been established between the two persons and the energies of the bodies are connected – your fingers and hands become the receptor of that energy, while the feet of the elder person become the giver of the energy. When the elder accepts this respect, their heart becomes filled with good thoughts and positive energy, which they give out through their hands and feet.

7.Why should we not sleep with our head towards the north?

There was a scientific reason to why we should not sleep with our heads towards the north. It is well known that the earth has a magnetic field, likewise, our body is also having a magnetic field of its own. When we sleep with our head towards the south then the unlike poles of the earth and the body attract each other which gives fresh morning feel while waken and gives a sense of having a healthy sleep. Similarly, when we sleep with our head towards the east, the energy of the Sun enters our body through the head and leaves through our feet leaving us with a cool head and warm feet.

When we sleep with our head towards the west the reverse happens leaving us with a warm head and cold feet which gives unpleasant sensation. Likewise, when we sleep with our head towards the north, the iron in our body tends to coagulate in the brain which creates disturbances that result in headaches and unpleasantness. This even causes a lot of disorders including neurological problems. This is the reason why our ancestors insisted us to sleep with our head towards the south or east.

8.Why do we worship idols?

Idol Worship
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India is the land of many majestic and historic temples. These temples are not just immensely beautiful and architectural wonders, they are also the spot of immense spiritual strength and positive energy centers. Even today it has been proven that these temples were built over areas of maximum positive energy. The place where the idol was placed called Garbhagriha, at this point the maximum positive energy will be emitted.  Copper plates with Vedic inscriptions capable of absorbing and exhibiting energy are kept under the Idol.

When a person visit the temple and walked around the Idol, they came within the radius of this magnetic field of positive energy. This helps the person to procure a lot of positive energy emitted from the Idol. The desired result to visit the temple was to rejuvenate our body, mind, and soul. The reason to remove the shirt for Men and to wear gold ornaments for women inside the temple is to absorb the positive vibration from the temple because gold and hair are the best receptors.

Since it is hard to understand the scientific reason for a normal human being, our ancestors didn’t want to confuse us. That is the reason why they just place it as an idol and made us pray through several spiritual formalities.

9.Why do we need to feed crows?

Feed Crow
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Crows are given special importance as they are considered to be our ancestors according to the ancient belief. Once the meal is prepared, a portion is kept outside for the crows to feed, so that the members of the family have the satisfaction of having fed their ancestors. Are they really our ancestors or our forefathers just deceived us. There is an interesting reason for this age-old practice. Earlier, when there was no electricity and hence no proper light in the early hours of the morning, people were doubtful of the food they cooked because there may be any small insect or harmful dust may fall on to the food.

The crow is a creature that can eat almost anything we offer which never refuses food, however, it can sense the presence of any kind of poison in food. It simply refuses food if it senses poison in it. People from ancient times happen to use the crow as a tester for food smartly without harming it.

Our tradition and history are far beyond, that even with the advanced technology we’re unable to determine the exact civilization age of Tamil people.  The listed above are only a few handfuls of decoded practices, we will discuss more decoded practices and their cosmic science knowledge of ancient Tamil peoples in the next article.

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Cosmic science : 9 scientific practices in Tamil heritage

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