The slim and smart is actually the secret wish for all of us. The basic purpose was to gain fewer calories so that they do not get a bulge in the front of them as a best friend who does not leave them alone. There are hundreds and thousands of diet plans to cop with it. Obesity once enters in your life, trust me, it became your loyal friend who never leaves you alone. People flourish many other physiological as well as psychological problems along with obesity. So that they can do anything to get rid of it. Anything means anything.  Read carefully. Here are some Strangest Diets to Lose Weight

1. Eat Sunlight


Breatharian Diet


Well, this is very funny and strange here. But yes, that is true. The diet is followed by a theory called Breatharian Diet Theory simply states that you are not bound to use water and food to live as everyone thinks. You can fill your little belly with sunlight as your body consume energy from rays. Some of the very famous celebs admitted to trying this but unfortunately, that does not work and was abandoned due to some reported deaths due to lake of food.

2.Swallow a Cotton Ball


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What does the name suggest? The idea is quite strange. The basic theory is that you can lose weight by satisfying your appetite with cotton balls. That was not appreciated as it causes serious digestive tract problems along with other physiological issues.

3.Sleeping Beauty


Sleeping is the best medicine for many problems. We all know that sleep enhances beauty which is described as a sleeping beauty concept. But now, a sleeping diet is here to cope with your sleep.

Many nutritionists suggested that your sleep stops you to eat. Simple concept. Sleep more, eat less. More you sleep, you waste less time in bull shit food carvings and all. It was famous in the 1960s. But it only encourages sadism. Yeah, it is cool to just sleep and lose weight. But it is quite harmful.

4.Blue Vision Diet


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This is followed by the strangest theory. Blue color reduces the appetite so if diminish the eating will. It just makes your food less appealing to the eye and internally pushes you to push your plates away. Well, the idea was quite strange and unique but unfortunately, it does not work on everyone. Some people found the food not appealing and they refuse to eat but the majority of people do not care.

5. Eat Tapeworms


Fat is a shame for you. People make fun of you. Why not get revenge from it by planting parasites on it. in the 20th century, the idea got viral. Tapeworms were available in pills. You just gulp them and they gulp up your fat. But unfortunately, the idea was challenged. Baby tapeworms’ stars to grow and they prove themselves harmful for your body.

U.S government banned its sales due to meningitis and dementia along with cyst in the brain, eyes and spinal cords. That was really creepy.

6. Let’s Chew Chew

The idea called Fletcherism. Horace Fletcher, the founder, suggested a quite good idea. What you need to do is to eat when you are really hungry and just chew your food at least 30-32 times or until the time it liquefies. Chewing is not strange. But, spit that food out after chewing, yeah, it is weird. The theory was renewed and spitting out was cut off from the plan. Well, that is quite good to simply chew your food well and eat what you want. And lose weight.

7.Blow Bubble Diet



This one is quite fun. Just chew bubble gum. More you chew more you lose weight. The idea is very thoughtful. As science suggested that saliva is responsible for digestion, and chewing produce saliva. So, your food gets digested and no extras remained undigested and store as fat. That also gives your brain muscles a good exercise.


Hope you enjoyed this article! According to my conclusion, if you think you’re obesity its a complex. Please believe yourself. If you wish to lose weight choose the best exercise that fits for you and enjoys it. Life is short. Think positive to be positive.

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7 Strangest Diets to Lose Weight

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