1.Water – The source of life

Water - Source of life
Water is the essential source and base for all living organisms. Without water, no one can sustain in this world. Today water is the most sporadic resources on this planet Earth. There are three types of water sources available to us, 1. Ground water, 2. Surface water and 3. Rain water.
Water occupies most part of this Earth, but did you know only about 2.5% of our water in the world is freshwater and only about 1% of that is easily accessible. 1 out of 9 people worldwide does not have access to fresh and clean drinking water. Virtually the remaining water on the earth is salt water so we cannot consume it or develop vegetation with it.

2. Water – Contaminated due to heedless


Most of the diseases are caused due to poor water sanitation. Globally we use 70% of our water resource for agriculture, irrigation and only 10% for human consumption. Statistics declared that compared to today, five times as much land is likely to be under ‘Extreme Drought’ by 2050. The Aral Sea once Asia’s second largest lake is now one-tenth of the size it was 50 years ago. 1.2 billion People around the world have no access to clean water. Also, 3.5 million people die each year due to the consumption of contaminated water.
More than 80% of sewage in developing countries are discharged to rivers, lakes, and oceans which eventually pollute the available freshwater resource. Another fact is that this earth is not only humans because if we continue polluting our natural water resource on land, we can switch to an alternate resource of drilling underground water, but think of animals it only depends on lakes and rivers. Polluting water indirectly affects animal extinction.

3.WaterCorporate negligence

If 71% of the earth covered by water how could we expose to water scarcity? Do we really suffer from water scarcity, if so how can it be true if the earth has 71% of water? I can understand that this 71% of water is salty and not really consumable or be used for the agricultural processor drinking purpose.
When we struggle to get water for our basic needs, how can water bottle companies and some cool-drink companies be producing without any barriers? To produce a Jeans pant, it requires 7600 liters of water and 454249 liters of water needed for manufacturing a car. Since corporate companies are sucking the groundwater for their revenue generation, it becomes a threat to human life.

4.Water – Groundwater vs Seawater

Now, we are scientifically advance enough to change the seawater to drinking water by the technology called Reverse Osmosis process. If this process is possible and capable, why are we still dependent on groundwater, which is depleting at a faster rate. We can’t say that we don’t want to wear Jeans pants and to buy cars because of heavy water consumption, but we can choose the alternative way to use the water, which is this Reverse Osmosis method.
With this, corporate can maximize usage and produce more numbers of products without troubling the groundwater. Likewise, why the cola and other major water utilizing companies can’t use Reverse Osmosis process to produce their products and they can do it in a cost-efficient way too.

Reverse Osmosis:

Reverse osmosis is a water purification process that uses a partially permeable membrane to remove ions, unwanted molecules, and larger particles from the water to make it consumable.

5.Water – RO for corporate

Just think how groundwater are utilized (except for drinking) and getting wasted, for example, vehicle cleaning, building construction, and toilet flush, etc., My question is, if this RO process is used in each and every individual home for daily consume, why do corporate use fresh groundwater instead of RO processed water. If we start using this RO processed water for these purposes, our groundwater will remain only for drinking which is naturally filtered by our mother soil.
Manufacturing companies should start thinking about this technology since it is not a big deal for them. When we have this process of Reverse Osmosis the term ‘Water Scarcity’ is just a man-made and it is not a natural occurrence.

6. Water – Save it

Water is the blood of our Earth. We can’t create water, but using and managing wisely we can maximize the amount of available water and make the most out of every drop. It is everyone’s responsibility to improve its volume which in terms helps every living being to hold the major source for life.
I’m not going to offer you any tips to save water, just wanted to share the information that you should know about Water Scarcity. It is your and our responsibility to do something for our future generation. Finishing this article by a quote said by a Tamil renowned agricultural scientist and environmental activist,
Searching for water in underground is dangerous, instead get it from the sky”– Nammalvar

Grow Trees – Save Groundwater


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  1. The entire world is conquered by corporate, in 2050 the corporate will demolish the entire groundwater system. How normal people get water? Particularly in Chennai people really worried about water scarcity. It was a great solution thanks for the awesome information, Nelson. However could you please elaborate more thing about Nammalvar. Hope you’ll be revealed in the next article. Thank you.

    1. Nelson Nirmal Prabhu

      Thanks Elizabeth for your wonderful comment. We will definitely share more information about Nammalvar in upcoming articles. We look forward to your continued support.

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6 Information That You Should Know About Water Scarcity.

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