What do you mean to say strange??? Something different, odd or extraordinarily amazing. Yeah, amazing. All humans are same, but some are special, along with some extraordinary talent or some flaw. Well, we consider it something amazing to be different. Here check out the list below of some amazingly strange people that you cannot even believe even exist.

1.Francesco Lentini

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Also called “The Three-Legged Wonder Man”. No need for introduction, the man is intro himself. He was born in May 1889, Rosolini, Italy. Lentini was supposed to born with a twin. But actually, his extra limb was his third leg that was attached to his spine or we can say that his twin was fused to the attached leg. Having 12 siblings.

His parents refused to take the disabled child and gave him to his aunt, who handed him over to an orphanage. Growing up with other children laughing at him, he has a depressed childhood. But he decided to make his disability his power, he joined the circus. Knowing by the name of “The Three-Legged man”, he became famous.

Lentini worked for pregnant women by advising them on what should they avoid during pregnancy. He also wrote his autobiography. At the age of 30, he married Theresa Murray. Having 4 healthy children. He continued circus till the very end of his life and died at 77th year of his age. Well, this man surly is a motivation for others to not let circumstances to overpower you. You can do anything!!

2.Petrus Gonsalvus

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Are you inspired by Beauty and The Beast???? Well, where does the Beauty and The Beast inspired from??? The answer is of two words only, Petrus Gonsalvus. He was born in 1535, Tenerife. He was born with a strange disease called Hypertrichosis. Seemingly, lots and lots of hair all over the body. This disease is also called as Werewolf Syndrome.

His parents were convinced that he must have some demonic powers on him so that they sold him to French Pirates at the age of 12. They named him “The Man of Woods” and they presented him to French King Henry II. He noticed the child with an extraordinary power of learning. So, he make sure that he must get an education and learn all etiquettes and gentle manners.

In the royal court, he met beauty. After the king’s death, his wife, the Queen took care of him and arranges a marvelous marriage ceremony. He married Lady Catherine. The most amazing thing in their relationship was the strong bond between the two. Their love was just eternal. They have seven children and four of them inherited their father’s syndrome. He died at the age of 81. It is said that it was his story that initiated the basic concept of the famous Disney story, The Beauty and the Beast.

3.William Stanley Milligan

Also known as Billy Milligan. He was the man with a psychological disorder called “Multiple Personality Disorder”. Billy was having 24 personalities at the same time, they all were unaware and not responsible for one another’s deeds. His personalities committed many serious crimes including robbery, kidnapping, and rape, etc. But as for multiple personality disordered patients, he was not aware of it.



After a long case journey in court for his crimes, he was sent for psychiatry treatment. After 10 long years, he was discharged. But he stopped communicating with the afterworld soon after his loss in business and he died in 2014.


4.Ella Harper:

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Ella was blessed with enchanted beauty. But whoever met her, did not notice her beauty because they were too busy noticing her lower body. Ella was known as “The Camel Girl”. She was born in 1870 in Tennessee, U.S. That was because of some orthopedic defect. Her knees were bent backward. So, she has to walk on her all fours. That is why she was given a specific name. She joined the circus at the age of 12 and gained fame as “A Camel Girl”.

She earned a lot with it. At 16, she joined the school. She married at the age of 35 but unfortunately, her children did not survive. The couple adopted a baby but that one also has the same fate. She died after a few years. She died on December 1921.

5.The Silent Girls

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June and Jennifer Gibbons were twin sisters born in 1963 Barbados. The Gibbon sisters were mute by birth. But with the passage of time, their parents noticed that they were not dumb or mute, they just can’t communicate to the world. Instead, they communicate with each other in a very strange language.

Their parents separated them but the situation became worse. They made creepy stories and committed crimes. They sent them for psychiatric treatment and the hospital staff separated them but they found two girls with the same postures, same attitudes and same behavior in different rooms.

At last, with the mutual decision, one of them commits suicide so the other can communicate with the outer world and live happily.

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5 Strange People in the World

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